• The video says pretty much everything about this game a long time before it showed up.


    “4 Hours. ” ” Single Player game with only one difficulty ” “Plasma gun”.. Wait. Plasma gun?

    There aren’t any secrets in the game and because the game told it’s short game I never had to search for hidden things. Bosses were challenging but all skills…[Read more]

  • This game in a nutshell.


    It was a fun 4 hours though and wasn’t as grindy as it was. However, the translation feels like it was done by an unpaid intern.

  • Thankfully, The Later NES iterations of dragon quest become better over time with Dragon Quest IV being it’s peak featuring many stories to play through as well as the sidequests and the casinos.

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    The game is really short and because of that each dungeon is short but filled with equipment, items and Stars.

    Tips (Note that the game is made in a great way so you’ll quickly see every new strategy early) 

    1. Story : You don’t have to search for anything most of the time because you’re guided through the story by hand.. or rather arrows if you…

    [Read more]

  • I managed to beat the game at around 3 hours 🙂


    Not going to spoil the story but after beating it you can start new game +. You keep levels, money and stars collected (imo there are way too much stars in the game. Way too much. Around 50)

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    I didn’t see it because when I played I wasn’t paying attention what innate abilities each job gives.. And I probably missed some abilities as well although all normal jobs mastered.

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    did you take into account the lion heart’s innate where it buffs all heroes in the same rows stats by 15% in that calculation?

  • Currently I am at chapter 5. The game description does not lie. It’s linear. 🙂

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    I actually found an icon for a credit card – basically a rectangle with rounded corners, and a stripe across the top. Next time I’m at my pc I’ll try to post the image. I think it could work if I can make the strip in the top clear, and the rest of it black… it will then basically resemble a “spoiler box.”

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    XV Member of the Organization XIII.

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    Maybe an “S” sign or “!!!” sign as Spoiler button?


    Or it might stay as it is 😇

  • You’re right but as everyone knows Remakes are not a new game most of the time, it’s usually the same game as it was first released (well, Final Fantasy old games like 1&2 got additional things at different Remakes on each console.


    Dragon Quest 1 was the first of the series and at that time it was an awesome game (and it’s still as good as it…[Read more]

  • Yes, the later DQ games were very good.  I no longer have a NES, or any of the other consoles, but I still own my original low-serial number Atari Lynx I got for my son for Christmas 1989.  And still lots of carts for it.

  • I never did finish that particular game. Yes, I am old enough to not only have played but OWNED (well, still own) the original, as well as a working NES (not the more updated remakes, but a bona fide original console). And yes, the grinding was so tedious for me as well I had to resort to Game Genie codes just to cut it down a few notches, though…[Read more]

  • I forgot that “what to do next” was an issue (that number of paces one was nasty).  So I added it to my list.

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    I’ve removed the “Add Media” button, as I just couldn’t figure out what code is responsible for making it behave badly… if, someday, I can sort it out, I may put it back in. But in the meantime, I “believe” you can still link to youtube videos by just copy/pasting the URL on a separate line:

    Also I moved the…[Read more]

  • I actually played this game a few months ago for the first time (never played any other version of Dragon Quest I, so it really was my first exposure to the series).

    I found it to be really enjoyable, pretty much because of all the reasons listed. I liked that there was only 1 party member, because it made me pay closer attention to making sure I…[Read more]

  • It’s actually funny that you wrote this, as I’ve been reading up and looking in to the Dragon Quest series myself.

    Though rather than jumping on on the first, I read some suggestions on various sites and youtube videos and opted to download DG5 first, which is said to be a good starting point for newbies on mobile. Everything you wrote about DQ1,…[Read more]

  •                                      Retro Dragon Quest: Not What I Remembered

     I’m old enough to have been around in the 1980’s to play many video games when they first were published.  I went through lots of games on several consoles, early handhelds, and early computers.  Several of these games bring back warm memories to me, so when I recentl…[Read more]

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