Bridge Tower

First of all, you may want to leave this area and go to town to use the Inn, then return with full HP/MP.

Then come back and work your way up to the top of the tower.

After the boss battle, flip the switch on the wall. When Glen leaves your party, go through the same door he did to reach the bottom of the tower. Cross the bridge, and now you can go on to Keshira Port.


  • Lyonet Hunter (Weak to Gun)
  • Gemini Slayer (Weak to whip)


  • Gorgon (Weak to Knuckle)


  • Healing Medicine - Heal 1000 HP
  • MP Recovery Medicine - Heal 150 MP
  • Revitalization Medicine - Revive a fallen ally
  • Status Recovery Medicine - Heal all Aliments
  • MP Repair (Bit) - Heal 5% MP after battle
  • Sorcerer's Bracelet (Acc) - MAG +10