Devilmeet Cave

Written by LemmyTheLenny

This dungeon is kind of long and the enemies are a pain.

You can auto the battles if you want; just remember to heal regularly.

Watch out for the boss's Desperado attack. It does about 600 damage to all.

After this you get to go to the Village of Wind People.


  • Dansleif (Weak to Ball)
  • Orthos (Weak to Whip)


  • Garm (Weak to Bow)


  • Anti-Inflammation Flower - Cure Paraylsis
  • Revitalization medicine - Revive an ally
  • Healing Medicine - Heal 1000 HP
  • Light for Preventing monsters - Reduce encounter rate
  • Evolutionary Magic Stone - Upgrade Bits
  • Stronger Critical Attack (Bit) - Crits do more damage
  • Parry (Bit) - 15% chance to block attacks
  • Rush Whip (Bit) - Damages all enemies and drops their SPD