This dungeon's really long and all over the place, and the enemies typically appear in large groups. Still, you can auto most battles if you want.

After you reach the Recovery Point, go on to the next screen for the Boss. (As usual, keep everyone's health high in the boss battle.)

After the battle, you're already in the next location - Bridge Tower.


  • Bigfoot (Weak to Whip)
  • Toxic Plant (Weak to Sword)


  • Master in the Ocean of Trees (Weak to Sword)


  • Healing Medicine - Heal 1000 HP
  • Status Recovery Medicine - Cure all aliments
  • Total Healing Medicine - Heal 1500 HP
  • Evolutionary Magic Stone - Use to upgrade bits
  • Swing Around (Bit) - Hit all enemies
  • HP Repair (Bit) - Heal 5% HP after battle
  • MP Recovery in Defense (Bit) - Heal 5% MP when defending
  • Fighters Bracelet (Acc) - STR+10