Keshira Port

Written by LemmyTheLenny

Talk to all the people in town until you get a scene where Law says you should get one of the locomotives working. Then go south and approach the locomotive.

Now go to the Slum District to look for spare parts for the train.

Shop List


Weapon Effect Slots Cost
Moon Shooter STR +217 MAG +210 HIT +4 8 3000G
Jupiter Rod STR +206 MAG +226 10 2790G
Goddess Bow STR +210 MAG +215 HIT +8 9 2880G
Star Knuckle STR +232 MAG +206 DEF +8 7 3210G
Dragon Sword STR +223 MAG +212 SPD +6 8 3150G
Mystery Staff STR +201 MAG +230 9 2730G
Tiger Ball STR +241 MAG +197 SPD -2 7 3300G
Whip of Thunder STR +204 MAG +208 6 2940G


Armor Effect Cost Users
Guardian's Clothing DEF +197 MDEF +223 2430G Rean, Mimi, Lake, Law
Knight's Armor DEF +212 MDEF +206 2700G Lake, Law
Warrior's Heavy Armor DEF + 230 MDEF +201 2970G Law


Accessory Effect Cost
Poison Amulet Null Poison 700G
Sleep Amulet Null Sleep 700G
Para Amulet Null Paraylsis 700G
Confusion Amulet Null Confusion 700G


Bit Effect Useable with Slots needed Cost
Concentration Raise STR and DEF Gun, Bow, Sword 2 2000G
Wall Stance Makes next damage received = 0 Knuckle, Ball 1 2000G


Item Effect Cost
Healing Medicine Heal 1000 HP 80G
Powerful healing Medicine Heal 1500 HP 500G
Total healing Medicine Heal All HP 1000G
Magical Element Heal 75 MP 300G
Status Recovery medicine Cure all aliments 300G
Revitalization Medicine Revive a fallen ally 50G
Resseruction medicine Revive an ally with full HP and MP 3000G
Smoke for Luring Monsters Raise ecounters for short time 40G
Light for Preventing monsters Lower ecounters for short time 500G
Wisdom of searching See chests on minimap 150G
Treasure Hint See how many chests remain 150G