Magical Temple of Time

The enemies here also drop Evolutionary Magic Stone.

This is the final dungeon, so make sure you're well prepared.

The background here is the same color as the path, so you'll have to pay attention to the mini map as you progress through the dungeon.

The third floor boss uses Paralysis, so be sure to guard against that.

The fifth floor boss isn't really hard; he just takes a long time to kill.

After you beat the fifth floor boss, grab the two treasures then go north to fight the Man in Black.

After you defeat the Man in Black, watch the scene, and get ready for the real final battle.


  • Blazing Heart (Weak against Gun, Strong against Staff)
  • Leviathan (Strong against Gun)


  • 3rd Floor Boss: Darc Rooga
  • 5th Floor Boss: Gogmagog (Weak to Whip)
  • Final Boss 1: Man in Black (Weak to Ball. Strong against Gun)
  • Final Boss 2: God of Time


  • Star Amulet (Acc) - Prevents status drops
  • Sky's Sword
  • Evolutionary Magic Stone - used to upgrade bits
  • Clothing of Star-viewing
  • Magical power total recovery medicine - MP recovers completely
  • MP Absorption (bit) - 1% of damage dealt is returned as MP
  • Red Chinese Phoenix's Armor
  • Total recovery medicine - HP/MP recover completely
  • Whip of Hell
  • Dragon God's Chained Ball
  • Heaven Shooter
  • Dragon god's Heavy Armor