Military Town, Gilani

Written by LemmyTheLenny

Go to the facility in the center of town and talk to Glen.

After you get locked up, examine the floor tile in the northeast corner. It leads to a secret passage which has one treasure along the way - a Total recovery medicine.

Follow the secret path through the tile squares, and when you're back on the main path go northwest to get another treasure - Magical power total recovery medicine.

Now use the Recovery point and go south to the next screen. Fight through the battles until you get to Avalanche Ogre (the boss).

When you're done here, your next destination is Devilwood.

Shop List


Weapon Effect Cost
Volcano Gun STR +193 MAG +187 HIT +3 Bit slots:7 1800G
Mars Rod STR +183 MAG +201 Bit slots:9 1674G
Dragon Bow STR +187 MAG +191 HIT +7 Bit slots:8 1728G
Earth knuckle STR +207 MAG +183 DEF +7 Bit slots:6 1926G
Genie's Sword STR +199 MAG +189 SPD +6 Bit slots:7 1890G
Bearclaw Staff STR +179 MAG +205 Bit slots:8 1638G
Fracturing Ball STR +215 MAG +176 SPD -5 Bit slots:6 1980G
Whip of Love STR +181 MAG +185 Bit slots:5 1764G


Armor Effect Cost Users
Bulletproof Clothing DEF +176 MDEF +199 1458G Lake, Rean, Mimi, Law
Warrior's Armor DEF +189 MDEF +183 STR +5 1620G Lake, Law
Fighter's Armor DEF +205 MDEF +179 1782G Law


Accessory Effect Cost
Poison Amulet Null Poison 700G
Sleep Amulet Null Sleep 700G
Para Amulet Null Paraylsis 700G
Confusion Amulet Null Confusion 700G
Angel Amulet Null Instakill 1000G


Item Effect Cost
Healing Medicine Heal 1000 HP 80G
Powerful Healing Medicine Heal 1500 HP 500G
Magical Element Heal ,75 MP 300G
Status Recovery medicine Cure all aliments 300G
Revitalization Medicine Revive a fallen ally 50G
Wisdom of Searching Highlight all treasure chests 150G
Treasure hint Identify how many chests are left 150G