Old Witch’s Forest

This dungeon is pretty easy. (But the boss is a pain - keep everyone's health high at all times.)

After the boss battle, you go directly to the Old Witch's House.

Now go to the Temple of Space-Time, and then to the Temple of Gods, via the Way to God's World, Cave.


  • Waste 0013 (Weak to Sword)
  • Dragonic Spear (Weak to Bow)


  • Earth Eater (Weak to Sword)


  • Healing Medicine - Heal 1000 HP
  • Total healing medicine - Heal all HP
  • Revitalization medicine - Revive a fallen ally
  • Evolutionary magic stone - use to upgrade bits
  • Near Death Power Up (bit) - STR increases as HP decreases
  • Accumulate power during defense (bit) - Defend and increase the damage dealt on the next turn

Items in Old Witch's Home

  • Treasure (Bit) - Increase drop rate (West of house)
  • MP Save (Bit) - Decrease MP needed for skills (NE of house)