Opening Sequence

Written by LemmyTheLenny

At the start of the game, step on to the square to travel back in time. When you get there, walk south a bit for a battle with a thief.

Then watch the opening sequence, and interact with Lake's family.

When you leave Lake's house, the Old man next door asks you to get him some herbs from the Anti-inflammation Flower's Forest, so leave your Home VillageĀ and go there now.

Dungeon 1: Anti-Inflammation Flower Forest




Back at Home Village

Gather the herbs (you can collect all 5 of them) and then go back to the Old man. After the scene, head for the south exit of the Home Village. Another scene will unfold, followed by another Boss battle.


After the Followers, watch the scene, and then you end up in the Square of Sunshine through Leaves. Talk to the couple in the next house, then leave this area and go to the Town of Ronda.