Port town, Kamil

Written by LemmyTheLenny

Go to the nursing home to talk to the old man who controls time (Grandpa Molo). He tells you to seek out a Great Sorcerer in the Sun-Rising Capital. To get there, you have to go through the Shakura Desert.

Shop List


Weapon Effect Slots Cost
Silver gun STR +104 MAG +101 HIT +1 3 180G
Silver Rod STR +99 MAG +108 3 168G
Copper Bow STR +101 MAG +103 HIT +4 3 172G
Falcon knuckle STR +111 MAG +99 DEF +3 2 190G
Silver Sword STR +107 MAG +102 SPD +2 4 188G
Copper Staff STR +97 MAG +110 4 164G
Silver Ball STR +116 MAG +95 SPD -2 2 200G
Silver Whip STR +98 MAG +100 2 176G


Armor Effect Cost
Leather Clothing DEF +95 MDEF +107 144G


Bit Effect Useable with Slots needed Cost
Dazzler It delievers damage and decreases HIT & AGI Gun, Bow, Sword, Whip 1 150G
Poison Attack It delievers damage and poisons Gun, Bow 1 150G
Load Powerful Bullet Next attack/skill deals more damage Gun 1 200G


Item Effect Cost
Ointment Heal 500 HP 20G
Disinfecting Herb Heal Poison 20G
Revitalization Medicine Revives a fallen ally 50G