Ruin of Darkness

Almost every screen here has exits in all four directions.

You want to keep moving north, but you'll have to go east or west to get all the treasures, or to get to the correct northern path to keep progressing.

Note that on each level, if you go far enough east or west, it just goes in a big circle and you wind up right back where you started from.

After the boss battle here, go back to the Temple of Gods. There you get a compass, and you're told to return to the present.

Once in the present, leave the Temple of Space-Time and go to the Maze of Time.


  • Assassin Bear (Weak to Gun. Strong against Rod, Ball)
  • Tyfrig (Weak to Ball. Strong against Gun)


Just 3 waves of the same enemies you've been fighting in the dungeon


  • Healing medicine - heal 1000 HP
  • Revitalization medicine - Revive fallen allies
  • Light for preventing monsters - Reduce ecounters
  • Rune Field (Bit) - Recover 5% MP when taking magical damage