Sacred Mountain of Time

The path here kind of wanders a bit, but follow the map and you'll be fine.

There's no boss in this dungeon.

When you're done here, go to the Temple of Space-Time. After a short scene, you travel back in time 2,000 years. Now your next destination is the Bog of Foughten Field.


  • Witch (Weak to Gun. Strong against Staff)
  • Medusa (Weak to Knuckle. Strong against Whip)


  • Activation Tablet - Cures Sleep
  • Ointment - Heals 500 HP
  • Smoke for monster lure - Raises enemy ecounter rate
  • Wisdom searching - Reveals treasures on mini-map
  • Magical Element - Heal 75 MP
  • Light for preventing monsters - Reduce ecounter rate
  • Near Death MP recovery (Bit) - Recover 20% MP when critical