Shakura Desert

Shakura Desert has two bosses! The first boss is weak to Knuckle weapons, and the second one is weak to Whip, so be sure to plan accordingly.

After the first boss, you'll go to the Oasis, and then on to Shakura Desert East. (Note: there are two treasures in the Oasis - 150G, and HP Turn Recovery. One is in the southeast corner, and the other is in the northwest.)

After this dungeon, it's on to the Sun-Rising Capital.


  • Midnight Walker (Weak to Sword, Staff. Strong against Ball)
  • Goblin (Weak to Gun. Strong against Knuckle)


  • Echidna (Weak to Knuckle. Strong against Whip)


  • Twin Vortex (Weak to Whip. Strong against Bow)


  • Ointment - Heal 500 HP
  • Healing Medicine - Heal 1000 HP
  • Disinfecting Herb - Cure Poison
  • Magical Element - Heal 75 MP
  • Revitalization Medicine - Revive one ally
  • High Level Protection (Bit) - Reduce damage when defending
  • HP up 10 (Bit) - Increase Max HP by 10%

Oasis Items

  • 150G
  • HP turn Recovery (Bit) - Regen 4% of your Max HP