Sun-Rising Capital

Written by LemmyTheLenny

The Sun-Rising Capital is the first place to sell Accessories, so be sure to check them out.

Go to the Temple of Dawn to see the Great Sorcerer. Here, Shin leaves your party, but Rean joins in his place.

Now, go the the Wind-Running Great Bridge. (After gearing up at the Weapon Shop.)

Shop List


Weapon Effect Slots Cost
Gold gun STR +119 MAG +115 HIT +2 3 300G
Gold Rod STR +113 MAG +124 4 278G
Silver Bow STR +115 MAG +118 HIT +5 4 288G
Wolf knuckle STR +127 MAG +113 DEF +3 3 320G
Armor Piercer STR +122 MAG +116 SPD +3 4 316G
Steel Staff STR +110 MAG +126 5 274G
Gold Ball STR +132 MAG +108 SPD -3 2 330G
Gold Whip STR +112 MAG +114 2 294G


Armor Effect Cost Users
Shaman's Clothing DEF +108 MDEF +122 MAG +2 240G Lake, Rean
Leather Armor DEF +116 MDEF +113 270G Lake


Accessory Effect Cost
Warrior's Bracelet STR +5 500G
Brujo's Bracelet MAG +5 500G


Bit Effect Useable with Slots needed Cost
Slow Attack and decrease SPD of one enemy Rod, Ball, Whip 1 300G
Confusion Atack and confuse an anemy Sword, Staff, Whip 1 300G
Resseruction Revive a fallen ally Rod, Bow, Staff 1 320G


Item Effect Cost
Ointment Heal 500 HP 20G
Disinfecting Herb Cure Poison 20G
Activation Tablet Cure Sleep 20G
Sanity Tablet Cure confusion 20G
Anti-Inflammatation Flower Cure Paraylsis 20G
Revitalization Medicine Revive a fallen ally 50G