Town of Ronda

Written by LemmyTheLenny

Go to the Bar in the northwest. There the Master of the bar tells you to check out an abandoned castle in the west - the Fort of the Dead. Then go the Weapon Shop and gear up. (Go to Menu -> Status to change your weapons.)

Now when you're ready, go to the Fort of the Dead.

Shop List


Weapon Effect Slots Cost
Bronze gun STR +89 MAG +86 HIT +1 2 100G
Bronze Rod STR +85 MAG +93 3 93G
Wooden Bow STR +86 MAG +88 HIT +4 2 96G
Normal knuckle STR +95 MAG +85 DEF +2 1 107G
Steel Sword STR +92 MAG +87 SPD +2 3 105G
Oak Staff STR +83 MAG +95 3 91G
Steel Ball STR +99 MAG +81 SPD -2 1 110G
Steel Whip STR +84 MAG +86 1 98G


Armor Effect Cost
Silk Clothing DEF +81 MDEF +92 90G


Bit Effect Useable with Slots needed Cost
Power Shoot It delivers damage Gun, Bow 1 100G
Heavy Blow It delivers damage Rod, Staff, Knuckle, Ball 1 100G
Cut down It delivers damage Sword 1 100G
Magic Shoot It Delivers magical damage Gun, Rod, Bow, Knuckle, Staff, Whip 1 100 G
Heal It restores HP Gun, Rod, Bow, Sword, Staff 1 150 G


Item Effect Cost
Ointment Heal 500 HP 20G
Disinfecting Herb Heal Poison 20G