Twilight Settlement

Written by LemmyTheLenny

There's a boss battle here, against Cyclops.

After the battle, go to Law's house, then Law joins your party.

Now visit the shops, then when you're ready, go to the Gaia Underground Passage.

Shop List


Weapon Effect Slots Cost
Dragon Shooter STR +178 MAG +173 HIT +3 6 1400G
Venus Rod STR +169 MAG +185 8 1300G
Mystery Bow STR +173 MAG +176 HIT +7 7 1344G
Magical Claw STR +191 MAG +169 DEF +7 5 1500G
Earth Sword STR +184 MAG +175 SPD +5 7 1470G
Sharktooth Staff STR +166 MAG +189 8 1274G
Ebony Ball STR +198 MAG +162 SPD -4 6 1540G
Whip of Hate STR +167 MAG +171 5 1372G


Armor Effect Cost Users
Sorcer's Clothing DEF +162 MDEF +184 MAG +5 1134G Rean, Mimi, Lake, Law
Crystal Armor DEF +175 MDEF +169 1260G Lake, Law


Bit Effect Useable with Slots needed Cost
Pin Down Attack and make an enemy skip their turn Ball, Whip 2 1500G
High heal Greatly heal an ally's HP Rod, Staff 2 1400G


Item Effect Cost
Healing Medicine Heal 1000 HP 80G
Powerful healing Medicine Heal 1500 HP 500G
Disinfecting Herb Cure Poison 20G
Activation Tablet Cure Sleep 20G
Sanity Tablet Cure confusion 20G
Anti-Inflammatation Flower Cure Paraylsis 20G
Revitalization Medicine Revive a fallen ally 50G
Smoke for Luring Monsters Raise ecounters for short time 40G