Undersea Cave

This dungeon is a little longer than the others, but still not too bad if you follow the map.

However, the enemies can be pretty nasty, as they usually attack in groups of four. Also, the boss is a lot harder, so be prepared for a long battle.

When you're done here, go to the Village of Earth People.


  • Freezing Coffin (Weak to Staff, Strong against Whip)
  • Dark Sea Snake (Weak to Sword)


  • Mizuchi Dragon (Weak to Bow. Strong against Gun)


  • Ointment - Heal 500 HP
  • Magic Element - Heal 75 MP
  • Smoke for Luring Monsters - Raises encounter rate
  • Evolutionary magic stone - Use at Temple of Time in past to upgrade bits
  • Light for preventing monsters - Decreases encounter rate
  • Turn up 1 (Bit) - STR increases by 1% per turn up to 20%
  • Knowledge of Tools (Bit) - Increases recovery of items by 25%
  • HP Recovery During Defense (Bit) - Heal 5% of max HP when you defend