Village of Earth People

Written by LemmyTheLenny

Gear up and use the Inn if you want, then leave the village and go to the Path to God's World.

Shop List


Weapon Effect Slots Cost
Master Gun STR +149 MAG +144 HIT +2 4 700G
Sapphire Rod STR +141 MAG +155 6 650G
Garnet Bow STR +144 MAG +147 HIT +6 5 672G
Tiger knuckle STR +159 MAG +141 DEF +5 4 750G
Crystal Sword STR +153MAG +146 SPD +4 5 736G
Gold Staff STR +138 MAG +158 7 638G
Red Ball STR +165 MAG +135 SPD -4 4 770G
Diamond Whip STR +140 MAG +143 4 686G


Armor Effect Cost Users
Earth oracle's Clothing DEF +135 MDEF +153 MAG +3 568G Rean, Sarisa
Gold Armor DEF +146 MDEF +141 630G Lake


Accessory Effect Cost
Guardian's Bracelet DEF+10 690G
Priest's Bracelet MDEF+10 1200G


Bit Effect Useable with Slots needed Cost
Snipe Shoot Mid Level damage to 1E Gun, Bow 2 720G
Crasher Mid Level damage to 1E Rod, knuckle, Staff, ball 2 720G
Kamatachi Mid Level damage to 1E Sword 2 720G
Blaze Ray Mid Level Magic damage to 1E Gun, Rod, Bow, Staff 2 720G
Bind Attack Attack and paraylze one enemy Ball, Whip 1 700G
Cure Cures all status aliments for one ally Rod, Bow, Staff 1 680G
Refresh Cures all status decreases for one ally Rod, Staff 1 680G
Enchant Weapon Raise an ally's STR Rod, knuckle, Staff, ball 1 700G
Sway Stance Raise an ally's AGI Bow, Knuckle, Sword 1 650G
Mana Enhance Raise an ally's MAG Rod 1 700G
Charge Charge up for a stronger attack next turn Rod, Knuckle, Sword, ball 1 700G


Item Effect Cost
Ointment Heal 500 HP 20G
Healing Medicine Heal 1000 HP 80G
Disinfecting Herb Cure Poison 20G
Activation Tablet Cure Sleep 20G
Sanity Tablet Cure confusion 20G
Anti-Inflammatation Flower Cure Paraylsis 20G
Revitalization Medicine Revive a fallen ally 50G
Smoke for Luring Monsters Raise ecounters for short time 40G