Village of Fire People

Written by LemmyTheLenny

After you enter the town, just walk south a bit and you'll meet the oracle, Sarisa. She tells you the Fire God can help you, and says to reach him you need to go through the Undersea Cave.

Gear up and then go to the Undersea Cave.

Shop List


Weapon Effect Slots Cost
Battle Shooter STR +134 MAG +130 HIT +2 4 460G
Crystal Rod STR +127 MAG +139 5 428G
Crystal Bow STR +130 MAG +132 HIT +5 4 440G
Bear knuckle STR +143 MAG +127 DEF +4 3 492G
Gold Sword STR +138 MAG +131 SPD +3 5 432G
Silver Staff STR +124 MAG +142 6 418G
Diamond Ball STR +149 MAG +122 SPD -3 3 500G
Crystal Whip STR +126 MAG +128 3 450G


Armor Effect Cost Users
Fire oracle's Clothing DEF +122 MDEF +138 MAG +3 370G Rean, Sarisa
Silver Armor DEF +131 MDEF +127 410G Lake


Accessory Effect Cost
Hunter's Bracelet HIT +10 500G
Poison Amulet Null Poison 700G
Confuse Amulet Null Confusion 700G


Bit Effect Useable with Slots needed Cost
Armor Breaker Attack and decrease DEF of one enemy Gun, Ball, Knuckle 1 450G
Rune Breaker Attack and decrease MDEF of one enemy Knuckle, Staff 1 450G
Sleep Attack and inflict sleep Rod, Knuckle 1 420G
Shield Raise an ally's DEF Gun, Rod, Sword, Staff 1 450G
Magic Wall Raise an ally's MDEF Rod, Staff 1 450G
Quick Raise an ally's SPD Gun, Bow, Knuckle, Sword, Whip 1 440G


Item Effect Cost
Ointment Heal 500 HP 20G
Healing Medicine Heal 1000 HP 80G
Disinfecting herb Cure Poison 20G
Activation Tablet Cure Sleep 20G
Sanity Tablet Cure confusion 20G
Anti-Inflammatation Flower Cure Paraylsis 20G
Revitalization Medicine Revive a fallen ally 50G
Smoke for Luring Monsters Raise ecounters for short time 40G