Village of Wind People

Written by LemmyTheLenny

Go to the house in the north and talk to Dean. After this conversation you need to go to the Old Witch's Forest.

Shop List


Weapon Effect Slots Cost
Knight Shooter STR +163 MAG +158 HIT +3 5 1000G
Dragon Rod STR +155 MAG +170 7 930G
Meteor Bow STR +158 MAG +162 HIT +6 6 960G
Dinosaur knuckle STR +175 MAG +155 DEF +6 4 1070G
White Tiger's Sword STR +168 MAG +160 SPD +5 6 1050G
Crystal Staff STR +152 MAG +173 7 910G
Blue Ball STR +182 MAG +149 SPD -3 5 1100G
Savage Whip STR +153 MAG +157 4 980G


Armor Effect Cost Users
Wind oracle's Clothing DEF +149 MDEF +168 MAG +3 810G Rean, Mimi
Basaltic Armor DEF +160 MDEF +155 900G Lake


Accessory Effect Cost
Winged shoes SPD+5 1000G
Sleep Amulet Null Sleep 700G
Para Amulet Null Paraylsis 700G


Bit Effect Useable with Slots needed Cost
Weapon breaker Damage and decrease STR Knuckle, Sword, Ball 1 900G
Magic Breaker Damage and decrease MAG Rod,Sword, Ball 1 900G
Beserk Raise STR and drop DEF Sword, Knuckle, Ball 1 340G


Item Effect Cost
Ointment Heal 500 HP 20G
Healing Medicine Heal 1000 HP 80G
Disinfecting Herb Cure Poison 20G
Activation Tablet Cure Sleep 20G
Sanity Tablet Cure confusion 20G
Anti-Inflammatation Flower Cure Paraylsis 20G
Revitalization Medicine Revive a fallen ally 50G
Smoke for Luring Monsters Raise encounters for short time 40G