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Shilka says:
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The Definitive Way to Play the First 2 Alphadia Titles

Gameplay: This is a remake of the first two titles from the original Alphadia series which first released on Japanese feature phones in 2007/2008 which later got a straight port to Android/iOS around 2011/2012 or so. The original versions of Alphadia 1 and 2 had some very clunky gameplay (most notably, some nasty difficulty spikes towards the end of both titles and it was hard to level up characters’ Energi levels and Break Skills consistently, along w/an atrocious enemy encounter rate reminiscent of Magitec’s RPG’s.) The remake fixes these things and adds QoL improvements from Alphadia Neo along w/other newer EXE Create releases prior to that point, too.
Unfortunately this remake appears to have been rushed, as I crashed back to the home screen of my PS5 without warning while exploring a dungeon in Alphadia 2, experienced a few instances of bad stutters/near-crashes in both games, and I noticed several instances of misspelled words, translation/localization errors and Engrish throughout my playtime w/the remakes of Alphadia 1 and 2.
Controls: I played this on PS5 with a controller so this was a no-brainer (Your mileage may vary if you’re playing on iOS/Android, though)
Story: Alphadia 1 tells the story of Ash, a young man who is caught up in a resistance movement against the Schwarzschild Empire, who is abusing the finite power of Energi (effectively the life-force of the Alphadia world) to engage in world domination. Alphadia 2 which takes place 200 years later focuses on Leon, who is working for the “Energi Guild” which is trying to preserve what remained of the world’s Energi after Schwarzschild’s abuse of said power in the first game led to the near-destruction of the world. Both games feature some well-done tragic moments and plot twists towards the end, and this remake also adds a new true ending for Alphadia 2 that requires you to complete Alphadia 1 w/all sidequests completed, along w/all sidequests and Energi Guild missions completed over in Alphadia 2.
Battle System: The battle system remains the same as the original versions of Alphadia 1/2, with 2 introducing character-specific “Break Skills” that consume a separate gauge from EP. Some skills have been rebalanced in this remake, and not necessarily in a good way (for example Omegadia now does terrible damage to enemies in Alphadia 1, and Reflect is now a super-broken spell for dealing w/the superbosses and optional content in both titles.) Alphadia 2 also has a new level cap of 999 compared to the Lv. 99 cap seen in the original version and previous Alphadia games as well, so keep that in mind.
Skill System: You level up 6 different elements of Energi via the Energi Rings that you can equip on your characters (there are special rings that you can buy in the Nebula Stone Shop that let your characters learn all Energi, though, and the PC/Console release lets you easily grind out the iOS/Android versions’ paid special currency anyways), w/Compound Energi skills unlocking as you level up multiple Energi elements in both games. Alphadia 2 introduces character-specific Break Skills that are leveled up by using them in battle repeatedly. The remake really makes skill learning much easier thanks to the monster pillars that are now added to dungeons (an addition from recent EXE Create RPG’s.)

  • Much-needed QoL improvements from the original releases, such as an adjustable encounter rate in dungeons, and a minimap for exploring
  • New ending added to Alphadia 2
  • A great and tragic storyline
  • Some skills have been rebalanced from the originals, and not necessarily in a good way
  • Translation/Localization Errors, Engrish, and Spelling Mistakes in places
  • Needed more QA/playtesting (you may run into random crashes or instances of bad stuttering after several hours of gameplay)
Chroma レイン says:
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Introducing Alphadia I & II - a remake about the tragic tales of Energi— A life force and a powerful source of Power

A remake of 2007 mobile hit RPG Alphadia and 2008 Alphadia II into a captivating bundle adventure, created by Exe-Create and published by KEMCO.

Originally released for Japanese feature phones (DoCoMo, Softbank, etc.), Alphadia and Alphadia 2 get it’s first port and English localization on its release for Smartphones in 2011 and 2012.
Alphadia I & II follows the story about a powerful source of power, a life force internonnected to all living things called Energi, and the tragic tale of a two young men in two different era revolving the uprising crisis of the great source of power.

Alphadia I & II is a remarkabke experience that RPG and KEMCO fans may like and love.
The introduction of the modern gameplay elements like the Cross Events (to flesh-out the characters’ personality and development throughout the crisis) and the Arena makes the game more enjoyable and intriguing to play through the end. And with the new arrangement of the soundtrack of both games to gives life to the scenes and make it more powerful than before.

TL:DR above.
More detailed review below.

It’s been weeks since I completed the game and since there’s no one makes a review yet because it’s still exclusive to PC and Consoles, it might be a good idea to share my points why this remake is well-executed compared to the others.

Let’s start with the story: The stories remains the same, you play as Ash and Leon, two young men in different era’s and their tragic tale to prevent an uprising crisis that may cause the destruction of the world.
Ash, our main character of Alphadia I, is a young sentinel guarding their town at the time along with his older brother fellow sentinel, Karim, when they rescue a young woman and her escort from being pursued by foreign soldiers in a nearby woods. Didn’t he know that the following chain of events will change his life forever..
While Leon, our main character of Alphadia II, is a young soldier for the Energi Guild, an organization on a mission to preserve the remaining energi of the world after the events of Alphadia I. After his solo mission, he is given mission by the Guildmistress herself to act as her escort, along with his childhood friend to their hometown. Not he know that the following events will reveal a shocking truth about his missing memories of the past.
This is one of EXE-CREATE well-written stories with tragic themes unlike their usual light-fantasy RPG.

Cross Events: This new element are in-between of Story and Gameplay, so I give this it’s own category in order to see and read this easily. Cross Events is one of the new element that links the events of the two stories. this element gives us more scenes to fleshed-out the characters’ development and their background. it also fill plot holes and added more characters story-related scenes.
*You need to play Alphadia I first to trigger the Cross Events.

Gameplay: The remake benefits with the recent QoL gameplays of the recent EXE-CREATE games but unlike the others, this one didn’t get the faster movement. which somehow makes sense since the overworld and the dungeons are sometimes tight to navigate and seems really not needed because they made the walking speed a bit faster than the usual.
The biggest improvement in the gameplay for me is the accessibility of Warp mechanics. It helps a lot to access dungeons and doing side-quests without the need of boat or airship. The all-rings that unlocks all energi to level up which is available in the IAP shop and the improved healing circle of Alphadia II that now restoring BG makes the grinding to unlock the Break Skills a lot more faster and easier.
The one thing I don’t like is the different scaling of the two games.

Control remains the same like their recent games. It’s way decent compared to the original Alphadia.

Battle System remains the same as in the original. UI is better but I wish they were choices like in the older games to able to see the bosses name when fighting them solo. The box selection option.

Skill System is different compared to the original. It’s now more similar to their recent games, even the UI.
The skills has the force and more rebound mechanics. You don’t need to wait for the second turn to cast powerful Energi, but in compensation, they added more rebounds to it.

Overall, the game

  • Interesting tragic stories w/decent writing
  • Nice new arrangement of the soundtracks
  • Modern gameplay elements
  • Arena
  • Updated graphics
  • Lovely characters arts
  • A new heartwarming 3rd ending in Alphadia II
  • Translation errors (ex: Death Cannonf, Barlock)
  • Some dungeons are too dark to navigate
  • Treasure Chests secret pathways are hard to see
  • Different scaling (LV, Stats, Damage, etc.) between Alphadia and Alphadia II

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