Hints and Tips

Written by MSG Commander

Party Selection

At the start of the game, put Ash, Karim, Eclair and Wied in your formation. As soon as Enah (1417) becomes available, put her in instead of Wied. Your best choices for the final party are Ash, Karim, Eclair and Enah. There will be times when Ash and Karim are "unavailable" - just put Wied in your formation for these times, and you'll be fine.

(Although Shion is central to the story, as a party member she doesn't really bring much to the table.)

Random Encounters

Throughout most of the game, you can Auto all the random encounters (and some Boss Battles). The times when you need to use your Energi Skills, Ash, Karim, Eclair and Enah generally have the best skill choices.

The Dungeons

A lot of the dungeons in Alphadia are really confusing, mostly because the large image size makes it hard to get a sense of where you are, or where you're going. Because of the image size in this game, I've made maps of every location. If you're ever lost and you don't understand the directions in the walkthrough - check the maps! They will help you figure out where you need to go, better than I can ever explain in words.

Energi Rings

There are six Energi types, and each character is naturally strong in one type. (Ash if Fire, Karim is Earth, etc.) The Energi Rings allow your characters to learn Energi Skills for types other than the one they're strong in.

When you get your first batch of Clear Rings, infuse each one with a different Energi type. Then, as you find Energi Elements throughout the game, upgrade each of those rings until they're all B Class, and then again until they're all a Class. Meanwhile, pay attention to everyone's Energi level, and rotate the six rings among your four active party members until they've all gained the (current) maximum level for that type.

(In other words, if you give Ash the Earth Ring - Y Class, then when his Earth level is 10, swap it out for a different ring. Then when you upgrade a ring to B Class, do the same thing, and then again with a Class, until each character has mastered each Energi type.) Doing this will enable your party members to learn the ultimate skill - Omegadia.

Plus, you'll get really cool HP and EP bonuses, along with bonuses for Strength and Agility, and so on.

As near as I can tell, the Attack skills you learn can only be used when the corresponding Energi Ring is equipped, but the stat boosts seem to be permanent. (But if I'm wrong, somebody please let me know in the comments section.)

Energi Skills - AE or 1E

A lot of the Attack-type Energi Skills you learn either affect All Enemies, or 1 Enemy. (Some affect the front column, but mostly it's AE or 1E.) The 1E skills generally seem like they'd be stronger; however, most of the AE skills attack more than once, so the combined damage of an AE skill on one enemy may be higher than the damage they would receive from a 1E skill.


Throughout the game, you'll find HP Seeds, EP Seeds, Mind Seeds, etc. Using these Seeds will give a character a permanent stat boost. You can use them whenever you want, however you want. However, you should be aware that a character's Max HP is 9999, and Max EP is 999, so you may not want to give an HP Seed to Karim or an EP Seed to Enah.

Personally, I saved all of Seeds until after I defeated the Final Boss, and used them to boost my stats in preparation for the Ultimate Boss Challenge (The Ultimate Title Quest, which you unlock very late in the game.) 

Side Quests

There are a number of side Quests throughout the game that you can unlock by talking to people in different locations. You don't have to do any of the side Quests in order to complete the game, but some of them offer some pretty nice rewards. Plus, if you do them all it'll add a good two or three hours to your overall game play, and you'll get some extra experience and skill points, making future Boss battles that much easier.

Weapons, Armor, and Items

From start to finish, I don't think I ever bought a single recovery Item. (I used a few Energi recovery Items here and there, but I never bought one.)

Typically, when I play an RPG I try to upgrade my weapons and armor every time something stronger becomes available. In this game, you can be far more casual about upgrading, because generally speaking the enemies are always a lot weaker than you are. If you notice the battles are taking longer all of the sudden, and if you haven't upgraded anything in the last three or so towns you've been in, you might want to do so. (Except for the few locations where the battles really do suddenly get harder, but those locations are noted in the walkthrough.)

Anything Else?

I think that pretty much covers the basics. If there's anything I left out, please let me know in the comments!