The Capricornus Gemstone

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Sealed Brand Cave
Map of the Sealed Brand Cave

This one is in the Sealed Brand Cave, which is on a very small island just above the Town of Heim.

This is seriously the easiest dungeon I've ever seen - there's only one treasure behind the sealed door, and it's the Legendary Weapon!

When you enter the Sealed Brand Cave, there's a Phoenix Plume in the treasure chest next to the sealed door.

Get the Phoenix Plume, then go through the sealed door and follow the path to the southwest. Save your game and open the treasure chest to get Excaliber.

Boss Battle

a Guardian III

One round of Aura, Volcano, Catastrophe, and Meteor Strike, and he was done for.

Go back to the researcher, and he gives you the Aquarius Gemstone, with the motif of a water-carrier.

Note: At this point, you ought to be able to at least Auto the battles in Vanessa's Lab Basement, if you want to.