The Leo Gemstone

Written by MSG Commander

Ancient Mine

Map of the Ancient Mine

The first Legendary Weapon is behind the sealed door in the Ancient Mine. To get there, you have to go through Schwarz Pass. (And to get to Schwarz Pass, you have to go through the Energi Mine Ruins.)

When you come out the exit from Schwarz Pass, travel to the southwest to get to the Ancient Mine.

Note: The enemies in here are not very nice. Some of them can do quite a bit of damage, so either don't use Auto, or if you do, keep a close eye on everyone's health.

When you enter the Ancient Mine, use the Leo Gemstone to open the sealed door. Take the path to the northwest, and follow it all the way around to the stairs leading down to the basement.

In the basement of the Ancient Mine, follow the path to the south. In the far south corner, there's a treasure chest.

Save your game before you open the treasure!

Inside, you get Ragnarok. (If you can beat the a Guardian IV.)

Boss Battle

a Guardian IV

I fought this guy with everyone around level 60. I used Aura, Mini Big Bang, Dark Matter, and Meteor Strike, and he went down in about two rounds.

Ragnarok goes to Wied.

After you're finished in the Ancient Mine, go back to Vanessa's Lab, and the researcher will give you the Aries Gemstone, which has the motif of a ram.