Vanessa’s Lab Basement

Written by MSG Commander

To get to the basement, go back to the entrance to Vanessa's Lab and follow the path to the west. Take the stairs in the northwest corner of the first floor, and then follow that path to the south to stairs leading down to the basement.


The enemies in Vanessa's Lab Basement and in all the dungeons for these quests are quite strong compared to all the other dungeons you've been through to this point. I do NOT recommend putting random encounters on Auto in any of these dungeons.

The best combination I found is to use Holy (but only if there are 3 or more enemies), Catastrophe, Volcano, and Meteor Strike. Even then, I had to use a lot of Healing on my party in each of these dungeons.

Finding the Researcher

From the entrance, follow the path all the way to the north to get the first treasure. Then go back and go east through the first big room, and take the path to the north.

When the path splits, go to the west to get one treasure, and then go east to get another one.

Now go back and follow the path to the southeast to get to another big room. Get the treasure in the north of this room, and then talk to the Researcher.

The Researcher tells you he's working on a certain project, and he asks for your cooperation. He's been reading about legendary weapons, and asks you to help search for them. He just wants the data on the weapons, and then the weapons are yours for the taking.

To get the search started, he gives you the Leo Gemstone, a lion-faced gemstone that's supposed to lead to the first legendary weapon.

(Now you just need to find the sealed door with a lion shaped motif - which just happens to be in the Ancient Mine.)