Location Walkthrough

Written by MSG Commander

This is a comprehensive guide to every location in Alphadia, with maps for every town and dungeon.

This guide will tell you what to do in each location, and where to find all the treasure and unlock all the quests. There's a bit of recommended strategy for Boss battles (although most of them are ridiculously easy), and some suggestions on how to upgrade your skills.

The Location Walkthrough goes from the first town to the last Boss battle; bonus material (Legendary Weapons and The Ultimate Title) is covered separately by following the links to the right.

The image size in Alphadia is considerably larger than in other Kemco games, which makes it incredibly difficult to keep track of where you are, where you were, and where you're going next. Any time you feel lost, always check the map. Between the maps and the written guide, you should be able to find your way through every location.

This is the only Kemco game I've ever played where I have felt it necessary to create maps for every location. (If you've played it, you can probably understand why.)

The first time I played this game, about the time I reached the Tower of Espers, I started drawing maps on graph paper because without them, I could not find my way around. It took me roughly 24 hours of gameplay to win the game, and that's without completing all the side quests, or going for the Legendary Weapons.

After writing this walkthrough and following it to the end, I completed the game (and all side quests and Legendary Weapons) in about 16 hours. (So, if you skip the side quests, and if you don't care about The Ultimate Title, you can probably finish in 12-14 hours by using this guide.)

Click on the links to the right to find the information for the location you want.