Back to the Tower of Espers

Written by MSG Commander

Enter the Tower of Espers, and take the stairs on the east side up to the Fourth Floor, and then take the stairs up to the Fifth, back to the room with the enormous Energi machine.

Boss Battle

Dread Knight x2

This battle takes a little while, but after the Espers, these guys are pretty easy. I used Flare Weapon, Light Weapon, Meteor Strike and Black Death and the battle was over in two rounds.

The Corrupt Energi

After the battle, Shion uses the Astral Ring to seal the corrupt energi. Everyone commits to going on now to Schwarzschild to stop the Empire, but first, the game cuts to Linbaught, where you discuss how to get into the Empire. Shion says there's a mountain pass that you'll have to go through, that's located north of the desert near Centaurius.

Before You Leave Linbaught

If you haven't been upgrading your Energi rings regularly, take this moment to talk to the Researcher in the Inn and upgrade as many rings as you can. Also, go to the Weapons Shop and upgrade whatever weapons and armor you can afford before you head out. This will be your last chance for quite some time.

(Also, on your way out of town, talk to the girl by the flower boxes at the south entrance to get Quest 54.)