Boreal Tower

Written by MSG Commander

The Boreal Tower is basically west of Nolthia. It shouldn't be too hard to find.

The Energi Stone that you came here to get is in a treasure chest on the First Floor - but - you can only get it by jumping all the way down from a platform on the Seventh Floor, and to get into the room on the Seventh Floor, you need to have two keys to open the door.

First Floor

On the First Floor of the Boreal Tower, there's a room where the door is sealed "by a mysterious force." You can't do anything about it right now, so head east, and get the two treasures and then follow the path around to the stairs leading up in the southwest corner of the First Floor.


Second Floor

On the Second Floor, there are two doors that are mysteriously sealed. You can't open either one from the outside, so skip them for now.  

There's a treasure in the northwest corner of the second floor.  Go due north from the stairs you just came from, and take the very last right.

To get the next treasure, head south and take the second right that you come to (just before the sealed door.)  Then go south at the first opportunity.

Go back up the path and go east as far as you can, and then follow the path to the south, to the stairs going up (look for the + sign on the map.)


Third Floor

On the Third Floor, go east as far as you can and follow the path to a blue platform. Jump down to the Second Floor.  You're now in the room with the Red Key!

Exit this room and follow the path to the west to get back to the Third Floor. Now, take the path that leads north and go past the next blue platform you come to. (It takes you to the First Floor, outside of the sealed room.)

Now you can either go east or west. If you go east, you'll be able to find three more treasures, and eventually arrive at the blue platform that leads to the other sealed room on the Second Floor.  If you go west, it leads straight to the platform, and beyond that, the stairs to the Fourth Floor.

Jump down to the Second Floor, get the treasure, and then go east and follow the path to the southwest to get back to the Third Floor.  Then go north, and follow the path to the west to reach the stairs to the Fifth Floor.


Fourth Floor

On the Fourth Floor, there are a couple of platforms that will all take you all the way down to the bottom of the Tower. Don't take any of them! They all land you outside of the room you're trying to get into.

Follow the path all the way around the perimeter to get the one treasure that you can, and then go back and take the path all the way to the west to get to the Fifth Floor.

There is an HP and EP Restore point on the Fourth Floor, if you need it.


Fifth Floor

On the Fifth Floor, there are two sets of stairs leading up to the Sixth Floor, and there are three different platforms you can jump off of.

The one that's furthest to the east (all by it's lonesome) will take you to an empty room on the Fourth Floor, from which you then have to jump down to the bottom and then retrace your steps all the way back to the Fifth Floor.

Of the two platforms that are side by side, the one on the right takes you all the way to the bottom, again, outside of the room you want to get into. The one on the left will take you to the room on the Fourth Floor that's got the Blue Key.

So, from the entrance to the Fifth Floor, follow the path all the way to the second exit to the south, and then when it splits, go west and then jump down the western platform to reach the Fourth Floor and the Blue Key.

When you get back to the Fifth Floor, follow the path all the way to the stairs in the southwest corner that lead up to the Sixth Floor.  (The other set of stairs just lead to an empty hallway, so skip them altogether.)

Sixth Floor

The Sixth Floor is pretty straightforward. There's one treasure due north of the stairs that lead down to the Fifth Floor. After you've got that, go east as far as you can, then turn south to get to the stairs that go up to the Seventh Floor. You're almost done with the Tower!


Seventh Floor

To unlock the door on the Seventh Floor, you need to have both the Blue Key and the Red Key. But before you enter that room, go all the way to the east, and go through the little opening into a large room with one single treasure chest in the center. 


Once you've got the treasure, go back, unlock the door, and take the jump that leads all the way down to the First Floor. Finally, you're in the sealed room!

The Sealed Room (First Floor)

On reaching the Sealed Room, you see a chest that just has to contain the Energi Stone.  (Don't worry, it does.)  But before you can open it, a monster appears.

Boss Battle

Monster Falcon

This guy shouldn't take too long. Just use your strongest Energi skills.

I used Light Weapon, Flame Weapon, Mega Shadow and Moon Crush, and he lasted about two rounds.

After the battle, get the treasure and get ready to go back to Vanessa's Lab. But first...

Stupid Soldiers

As you're leaving the Tower, you encounter a group of Rosenkreutz who tracked you down by threatening the people in Nolthia.

Boss Battle

Private 1st-class (x3)

This should be another really easy battle. (In fact, you can probably Auto this battle.)

Unfortunately, since the soldiers tracked you from Nolthia, that means you can't go back the way you came. Instead, the party decides to go to the port town of Fohlen.

Additional Treasure

In the Sealed Room

These treasures are all located in the sealed room that you jump down to from the Seventh Floor: