Cave of Lahnt

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Cave of Lahnt

Map of the Cave of Lahnt

The Cave of Lahnt is north of the Town of Heiland, and is the only route to Heim, where Shion and Wied can charter a ship. When you enter the Cave, Wied gives you a World Map (but sadly, no dungeon map...)

There are three rooms in the Cave of Lahnt, but one of them only leads to a door that you can't open until almost the end of the game. The second room has three treasure chests, and a blue pentacle on the floor that restores your party's HP and EP (not that you really need it here, but these blue pentacles will come in handy in later dungeons.)

To get all the treasure, when you enter the second floor follow the path around to the east. When it splits, take the first east path to get the Hi-Elixir, then go back and take the second east path to the Energi Drop.

Now go north past the water, and then follow the path to the northwest to get the Ruby. Now go east as far as you can, and take the exit to get back on the World Map.


Sealed Door

Within the Cave of Lahnt, there's a sealed door with the motif of a majestic ram carved into it. You won't be able to open this door until almost the end of the game.