Dark Shrine

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Dark Shrine
Map of the Dark Shrine

To get to the Dark Shrine, first fly to the Water Shrine then go east past the Fort Bridge and across the lake. The Dark Shrine is in a small desert stretch of land just west of the mountains.

When you enter the Dark Shrine, follow the path until you get to the second room.  From here, go west and follow the path around to a set of stairs leading down.  (You'll see two sets of stairs next to each other on opposite paths.  The one you want is the stairs on the west side.) Follow the path to get an Agility Seed.

Now go back to the second room, and go east and follow the path all the way to the south to get an Eligir Elixir. Now, head back toward the stairs, but take the first path to the west to reach the stairs going down to the next floor. Head north to find the Dark Esper.

Boss Battle

Dark Esper

I used Ash's Flare Weapon, Eclair's Light Weapon, Enah's Black Death and Karim's Meteor Strike, and the battle was over in about three rounds.

The final shrine is the Light Shrine, which is on a peninsula just south of Heiland.