Earth Shrine

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Earth Shrine
Map of the Earth Shrine

The Earth Shrine is in the southwest corner of the World Map, west of the Energi Shrine and south of Kashinew.

When you enter the Earth Shrine, there are three sets of stairs. The stairs on the east side go nowhere, so just skip them.

Take the stairs on the west side to get an Ether Energi.  

Then take the stairs in the center, and go all the way to the southeast to get a Hi-Elixir.  Now, take the path to the southwest to reach the Earth Esper.

Boss Battle

Earth Esper

Earth is weak against Wind, but I didn't have any strong Wind skills so I just used Ash's Volcano and Enah's Dark Matter.

After the battle, you get the power of the Earth Esper, and your next destination: the Fire Shrine. The Fire Shrine is northeast of your current location.