Energi Lab

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Energi Lab
Map of the Energi Lab

Now that you have Tessarosa's ship, sail due south of Kashinew, and then follow the coastline to the east until you're clear of the mountain range. The Energi Lab is in the small grassy area.

Vanessa is in the room in the northwest corner of the Energi Lab. Ash gives her the three Energi Stones you've collected, and then Vanessa asks if she can talk to you in the morning. She also asks Enah to stay behind so she can perform some maintenance on her (but really, she asks her to stay so she can ask if she's seen any changes in Ash during their travels.)

Enah tells Vanessa about the encounter with 1024, and Vanessa starts to speculate that Ash may be... what? (We don't know yet - but certainly there's a secret here that's just dying to come out.)

The next morning, Vanessa tells you she needs you to accompany her to a tower in the desert where she fears Maxim is attempting to purposely destroy the balance of the world's energi (which is a bad thing).