Energi Mine Ruins

Written by MSG Commander

The Energi Mine Ruins are located along the mountain range just west of the Fire Shrine.

The Ruins aren't too hard to navigate; after all, there's only two floors.

You can most likely Auto all the random encounters again; just keep a close eye on everyone's health.

First Floor, West Side

From the entrance, go west and take the first north passage.  Follow this around to the east, and then go south to get the first treasure.  Now go back the way you came, and go to the southwest and take the stairs down to the Second Floor.

Second Floor

Go north, and then follow the path to the east.  When it turns back to the north, go west to get the second treasure.  Then go back to the north, and follow the path all the way to the northeast to get the third treasure.  (You'll go past the stairs up to the First Floor; just go get the treasure and then come back to the stairs.)

First Floor, East Side

Follow the path to the east. When the path splits, go north one time, then go east again to get the final treasure. Now go back and take the second north passage to reach the exit.


Sealed Door

On the First Floor (East Side), there's a steel door with the motif of a mighty centaur carved into it.