Fire Shrine

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Fire Shrine
Map of the Fire Shrine

The Fire Shrine is just above the desert that lies due west of Fohlen. Start out by flying to the desert, then explore the area just north of the mountain range.  Look for the spot on the map with a small lake, and a stone fortress.

When you enter the Fire Shrine, you can see stairs to the west and east of the entrance.  Follow either one of these stairs (they connect on the basement level).  This path leads to a Heal Elixir.

Now go back to the main floor and follow the path to the north. On the next screen, go west to get a Hi-Elixir. Then go back to the stairs and follow the path to the east to get to the Fire Esper.

Boss Battle

Fire Esper

This one is a one-on-one with Ash versus the Fire Esper. I just kept using Flare Weapon each turn. It took awhile, but eventually I won.

Your next destination is the Dark Shrine, which is near Schwarzschild. (And also east of the Water Shrine, which is an easier landmark to go from.)