Light Shrine

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Light Shrine
Map of the Light Shrine

The Light Shrine is on a peninsula due south of Heiland.  (Look for an area surrounded by mountains.)

When you enter the Light Shrine, go due north to get an Ether Energi.

Then follow the path to the west to get an Ether Heal.

Now go back to the entrance and take the path to the east to reach the Light Esper.

And get ready for a big surprise...

When you meet the Light Esper, it turns out to be none other than...

Shion's Mom!

Wied is shocked to see her, as he was informed that she died many years ago. In fact, she and Shion's father were ambushed when Shion was a child, and she did die. However, upon her death, her energi became corrupted and somehow got transferred to her husband, Leon (aka The Emperor). Shion deduces that this means her mother's own corrupted energi is the reason why her father has become a wicked ruler.

To pay for her own sins, Shion's mother entered a covenant with the creator that if he would stop the energi from spreading any further than her husband, she would serve as the Light Esper until the time came that he no longer had need of her. That time is now - the time when Ash, Shion, etc. are rising up to stop the spread of corrupted energi.

In order to bind her power to the Astral Ring, you must fight against Shion's mother.

Boss Battle

Light Esper

The Light Esper has Heal 5, which restores 3,000 HP, and makes this battle last a lot longer than it should. After the battle, the Light Esper binds her powers to the Astral Ring, and then, she's gone.

Now it's back to the Tower of Espers to eliminate the corrupt energi!

Side Note

Since you're in the neighborhood, after you finish up at the Light Shrine it may be a good time to revisit Heiland if you haven't already. If you talk to everyone in town, you'll learn new details about the fate of Ash's father, Denim. (Plus you can complete Quest 02, and pick up Quest 36.)