Neige Tunnel

Written by MSG Commander

The Neige Tunnel is southwest of the Fort Bridge. It's actually pretty easy to get through.

The first two floors are really straightforward. Just follow the path.

On the third floor, go due north from the entrance to get three treasures all in a nice, large room. Then go back to the entrance and head southwest to get the fourth treasure on this floor. Now follow the path to the north to find the stairs to the Fourth Floor.

On the Fourth Floor, follow the path past the water, and then go north to get the first Phoenix Plume.  Go back to the main path, and go east to reach the stairs to the Fifth Floor.

On the Fifth Floor, take the path all the way to the east to get an Energi Element.  Then, take the path to the south and get ready for a Boss Battle.

Boss Battle

Energi Dragon Subject

This guy actually takes a little while to kill. Water skills seem to be effective, but so do Ash and Karim's physical attack - especially if you have them both use Charge to raise their ATK.

Alternatively, you can use Light Weapon, Mega Shadow, Flare Bomb and Titan Kick. Either way, he'll do some decent damage before this battle's over, but it shouldn't be enough to kill anybody.

After the battle you get another Energi Stone.

Enah suggests that if a monster, or a human for that matter, was artificially infused with an excessive amount of Energi, their attack capabilities would be greatly enhanced, but it would ultimately drive them insane.

While you're discussing the ramifications of humans being infused with energi, Maxim appears. Apparently, the Boss you just fought was one of his creations. Maxim had come here to check on his experiment, but when he finds your party, he decides to destroy you.

Boss Battle


There's no way to win this battle. Maxim does 9999 damage each turn, so just put it on Auto and die quickly.

Fortunately, since he's so much stronger than you are, he doesn't see the point in killing you just now, so he lets you all live. (When will these bad guys ever learn?)

After Maxim leaves, you discover that there's some sort of past relationship between Maxim and Karim, but Karim's not ready just yet to go into details.

Once you have control of your party again, go west out of the large room, and then head north to get an Energi Elixir.  Now go to the southeast to find the stairs to the Sixth Floor, and follow the path to the exit.