Promontory Spire

Written by MSG Commander

To reach the Promontory Spire, head west from Centaurius and follow the mountain range.

First Floor

From the entrance, go west to get the first treasure. Then take the path all the way to the north to get the second one. Now go back to the west path in the middle of the First Floor and follow that all the way around.

Find the townsperson in the southwest. After you rescue him, he gives you two Ether Heals. From there, follow the path and take the stairs up to the Second Floor.


Second Floor

The Second Floor is actually not that hard to navigate. There's a large west wing that holds two treasure chests, and then in the main room, there's one treasure, and there are two sets of stairs. The one set directly opposite the stairs down leads to an empty room on the third floor, while the set that's directly opposite the treasure chest will take you where you need to go.


Third Floor

So simple... Just follow the path...

Fourth Floor

The Fourth Floor is pretty easy, except for the hidden trap doors in the floor, that make you fall back down to the Third Floor. The good news is, if you step on one of these trap doors, it remains open from there on out, so you can try to avoid it the next time through.

From the entrance, go north and then west. (Stay along the outer edge of the wall to avoid the trap doors.)

Take the first southern path. Rescue the girl for two Ether Heals. The next path to the south has an Energi Elixir, and the third path leads to the Red Key.

Once you have the Red Key, take the path all the way to the east, but, again, watch out for the trap doors in between the blue tiles. Pass the trap doors and go south to reach the stairs to the Fifth Floor.


Fifth Floor

The Fifth Floor has two treasures, an HP/EP Restore Point, and one set of stairs leading up to the Sixth Floor.

Follow the path all the way to the northwest to get the first treasure, then backtrack and go southwest to reach the second one.  The stairs to the Sixth Floor aren't far off from where you get the second treasure.


Sixth Floor

There are more trap doors on the Sixth Floor. They're all in between the three blue tiles on the floor. Go west of the northern-most blue tile to get more treasure, and go south of the eastern-most blue tile to get to the stairs up to the Seventh Floor.


Seventh Floor

The Seventh Floor is fairly easy to navigate. When you enter the room, go north all the way to the end to get the first treasure. From there, follow the path to the east to get the second treasure.

Now circle back around to the entrance, and follow the path to the west to get to the Red Door. (Note: you must have the Red Key in order to open the Red Door.) From there, follow the path to the steps up to the Eighth Floor.

Note: There is a platform on the Seventh Floor that will let you jump all the way to the bottom of the tower. Don't take it! You still need to complete the Eighth Floor!


Fine Earring B - located in a small room due north of the stairs down to the Sixth Floor.
Clear Ring - located in the far southeast corner.

Eighth Floor

When you get to the Eighth Floor, Save your game! Then follow the path around to a room with three soldiers and a prisoner.

Boss Battle

Guardian x3

As usual, use all of your strongest Energi skills, and watch everyone's health. I used Light Weapon, Flame Weapon, Mega Shadow, and Titan Kick, and it took about three rounds.

Find the Machine

After the battle, the prisoner runs off, and the party starts to speculate as to whether or not there are other places in the world where the Empire is conducting similar "experiments." Once the dialogue ends, head north to find the machine you came here to destroy. Once you destroy it, you get another Energi Stone.

After you destroy the machine, follow the path all the way to the east to get the Heal Elixir. Then take the south path to the platform, jump down to the First Floor, and exit the Promontory Spire.


Heal Elixir - located in a passage off the northeast corner of the Eighth Floor.

Back to Centaurius

When you're done here, go back to Centaurius and talk to Tessarosa in the Inn. He'll tell you to take the Energi Stone to Vanessa, in her research lab on the southern continent. But to get there, you need to take Tessarosa's ship, which is moored in Aureole, west of Centaurius. So, your next destination is Aureole, by way of the Fort Bridge, and the Neige Tunnel.