Schwarz Fortress East

Written by MSG Commander

To get here, go north from Schwarz Pass, across the bridge and just a bit more north.

You don't have to stop here, as far as the main story is concerned, but if you want to complete all the side Quests, you need to stop at this location.

Schwarz Fortress East is just a little area with an Inn, a Weapons Shop and an Item Shop. Again, the Weapons Shop sells the same stuff they have in Linbaught, so if you couldn't afford anything earlier, you can get it now.

There's one treasure out front - one of the Phoenix Plumes - and there's also a pentacle that will warp you back to the start of the Energi Mine Ruins (which is not where you want to go at the moment.)

When you're done here, your next destination is Schwarzshild Castle.