Schwarz Pass

Written by MSG Commander

After you exit the Energi Mine Ruins, head northwest across the plains until you find another cave. This is Schwarz Pass.

Schwarz Pass is a really long and complicated dungeon, with multiple exits all leading to different parts of the mountains around Schwarzschild. Some of the paths will be useful later on, but for now the one you want is the one that exits into the desert, leading to Schwarzschild.

There are a total of 13 rooms in Schwarz Pass, and 5 exits (including the one you just came in from.) This page will walk you through the entire dungeon, but if you just want to get through the Pass and on with the game, skip down to "To Schwarz Fortress East."

First Room

The first room you come to (or "Main Room") has three exits: the one you came from, one in the northeast, and one in the southeast.

The one in the southeast leads to the path to the Ancient Mine, which has a Sealed Door, so there's not much you can do there now.  Still, the directions are below, should you need them later in the game.

The exit in the northeast leads to a total of three other exits - one to Schwarz Fortress (West), one to nowhere at all, and the final exit - to Schwarz Fortress (East).

In this room, follow the path to the norht, and take the first east passage to get an Energi Element.

To the Ancient Mine

In the Main Room, take the path to the southeast to exit into the upper most room shown on Schwarz Pass Part Two.

Follow the path to the west, and exit to the south to reach the second room in Schwarz Pass Part Two. Go all the way to the west to get the treasure, then follow the path around to a set of stairs leading up to room three.

Follow the path in room three to an exit to the south. This exit puts you on the World Map just northeast of the Ancient Mine.

You can't do anything in the Ancient Mine at this point, so go back to Schwarz Pass, and retrace your steps back to the Main Room.

To Schwarz Fortress (West)

From the Main Room of Schwarz Pass, follow the path to the northeast exit. This puts you in the first room north of the Main Room, which is shown on Schwarz Pass Part Three as the room all the way on the right side of the map. Follow the path to the second room (the largest room on Part Three).

In the second room, take the exit to the north.  This puts you in the third room on Part Three.

In this room, there are two northern exits - one in the northwest, and one in the northeast.  Take the northeast exit to room four, and get the treasure.

Now go back to room three and take the exit in the northwest.

This puts you in room five, which has three exits to the south (including the one you just came through).  The southwest exit leads to room six, which goes nowhere (and doesn't even have any treasure). The central exit puts you back on the World Map, and if you go northeast of here and cross the bridge, you come to Schwarz Fortress (West).

Schwarz Fortress (West)

Schwarz Fortress (West) sports a Weapons Shop, Item Shop, and an Inn - and a nifty "back room" that serves no real purpose as far as I know, but is good for a couple of laughs.

The Weapons Shop carries the same gear they sell in Linbaught, so if you missed anything, you can upgrade your gear here before you go on to the Castle.

When you're done here, head back to Schwarz Pass to continue your journey.

To Schwarz Fortress (East)

Take the northeast exit from the Main Room. This leads to the first room of Schwarz Pass Part Three, shown on the map as the room farthest to the right.  Follow the path in this room to the second room of Schwarz Pass Part Three.

In the second room of Schwarz Pass Part Three, follow the path all the way to the west to the stairs leading down to the seventh room of Part Three. The seventh room exits to the large room on Schwarz Pass Part Four.

There are two exits from the Large Room (not including the one you just came through) - one in the southwest and one in the southeast.  The one in the southwest puts you on a part of the World Map that leads to nothing, so you can skip it.  

East of the southwest exit, there's a big lake.  There's one treasure along the southern edge of the lake. When you reach the edge of the lake, go north as far as you can and then west to get the second treasure in this room. Now go to the northeast corner of this room for the third treasure. From here, go due south to reach the southeast exit.

Now you're in the small room on Schwarz Pass Part Four. Go east to get the treasure, then follow the path to the west to exit to the World Map. Now you're in the right spot to get to Schwarz Fortress (East), and beyond that, the Castle.