Schwarzschild Castle

Written by MSG Commander

To get to Schwarzschild Castle, go north from Schwarz Fortress East and follow the mountain range to the northwest.  The Castle is in the middle of a big forested area.

Here you are, finally in the Schwarzschild Empire. In order to find the Emperor without letting the whole town know what you're up to, you need to take a secret passage that Shion and Wied know about (since it's the one they used to escape the Empire in the first place.) The entrance to the secret passage is in the west corner of town.


There are NO random encounters in Schwarzschild Castle, but before the Boss Battles end, you'll come to a part of the game where you won't be able to put Karim and Shion in your main party. You may want to consider taking them out of your formation now, and unequipping any Energi rings they may be using. (If not, you won't be able to unequip their Energi rings until they're back in your party.)

The Secret Passage

The Secret Passage has three main floors, plus the roof, a dungeon off the west exit of the main floor, and a sub-floor below the basement that's just one large room with one treasure chest.

To get all the treasure in the Secret Passage:

From the entrance, go north to the stairs that lead down to the basement. Go west, and take the first flight of stairs back to the main floor. Now go south and take the west exit. This will lead you to a small dungeon with three rooms (which is not shown on the map). The center room has a Clear Ring.

From the dungeon, go back to the main floor and take the stairs back down to the basement. Now go south and take the first passage to the east. This leads to stairs back to the main floor, and a small room that has an Energi Element.

Now go all the way back to the main entrance, and go south to the stairs that lead up to the second floor. Go all the way north, but at the stairs, turn west and follow the path to a small room that has an HP Seed.

Now go back to the northeast corner, and take the stairs up to the roof. Go due west all the way to the third set of stairs down to the second floor. (You'll pass the second of stairs along the way, but if you're truly going due west, you won't be able to see them as you pass by.)

On the second floor, go south, and when you reach the first set of stairs going down, turn east and follow the path to a second set of stairs down to the main floor. From there, take the stairs down to the basement. Take the first path you can that leads south, and go all the way to the west end of that path to get a Phoenix Plume.

From here, go as far east as you can, until you come to a set of stairs that lead down to the sub-basement. This very large room has one Hi-Elixir (south of the stairs).

Now, go back to the basement level, and follow the path to a set of stairs in the northeast that lead up to the main floor. This puts you in a small room on the east side of the main hall. Enter the main hall - but do not go north!

Go to the south, and take the west exit to a little side passage with an Energi Element. 

Now, Save your game, and go back to the main hall and go north.


As you reach the stairs that lead to the throne room, Maxim appears. He informs you that it is his duty to protect the Emperor - even if that means fighting against Princess Shion. But before Maxim can attack, Karim steps forward to hold him off, and orders the rest of the party to find the Emperor.

The Throne Room

After the scene with Maxim, you're in the throne room. Head north to find King Leon.

Shion pleads with her father to stop what he's doing, but to no avail. Leon is so upset by his wife's murder, he doesn't care how many people he hurts. Enah senses danger - it seems King Leon has created a beast for the purpose of absorbing others' energi. In fact, he's created more than one. One is loose in Schwarzschild, while another has been sent to wreak havoc on all the other towns. Now, you get to fight Leon.

Boss Battle


I used Volcano, Holy, Tera-Shadow, and Wied's physical attack. Leon can use a spell that makes all your Energi skills miss; if he does, just use Enah's Erase, and then hit him with everything you've got. This is another surprisingly easy Boss Battle.

After the battle, Shion insists that she will do whatever is necessary to protect the innocent people of the world. And then Leon mutates into Leon Genesis, and you get to fight him again.

Boss Battle

Leon Genesis

For this battle, I used the same basic strategy. This battle takes a bit longer than the one before it, but again, it wasn't as hard as I'd expected it to be.


After the second battle, Leon orders his beast to kill you all, but before it gets a chance, Maxim enters the throne room, with an almost-dead Karim. Leon orders Maxim to kill everyone - only to find out that Maxim has been using the Emperor as a pawn this whole time. And, now that he's done with him, he kills him instead.

With Leon out of the way, Maxim invites Ash to join him in creating his new world order. (Of course, Ash refuses.)

Boss Battle


Shion, upset over her father's untimely death, decides to go after Maxim, and he defeats you all. (Don't worry, this is another one you're supposed to lose.) After the battle, Maxim decides to kill Shion, and Ash's power surges within him. And now, Ash gets to fight Leon's beast, while Maxim escapes with his life.

Boss Battle

Energi Drake

This battle is just Ash vs. the Energi Drake, but one shot with Volcano will most likely defeat him.

After that battle, Vanessa shows up, and the entire party goes back to Vanessa's Lab.

Back at Vanessa's Lab


Back at the Lab, Vanessa tells you that Karim should recover from his wounds. As for Shion, Vanessa just doesn't know. She expects her to last a few more days at most - which hopefully, will be enough time for you to find and harness Omega Energi, which just might save her life. You can find the Omega Energi in the Omega Tower, just west of Nolthia.