Town of Aureole

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Town of Aureole
Map of the Town of Aureole

To get to the Town of Aureole from the Neige Tunnel, you have to go across a couple of bridges again. Start out by going south through the desert. Just before the first bridge you come to is the Itsy Bitsy Lodge, which you don't have to stop at, but you can if you want to.

The Lodge has an Inn, an Item Shop and a Weapons Shop, and they sell the same weapons and armor they had at Centaurius, so it may not be worth stopping there (unless you want to use the Inn, but you probably don't even need that.)

Cross the bridge to the west of the Itsy Bitsy Lodge, and then go south and take the bridge to the east. Now go south again, and take the next bridge to the west. Once you get across the bridge, go north past the mountain range, then west to Aureole.

Once you arrive at Aureole, the party decides to rest at the Inn.

Before You Go to the Inn

I recommend you explore the town before you rest at the Inn; otherwise you'll have to wait until you're able to come back here (which won't be too long, but still, it's better to get the treasures and the side quests now rather than have to come back for them later.)

Upgrade Your Rings

There's a researcher in the Item Shop who will upgrade your rings for you.  If you've collected all the treasures up to this point, you should be able to upgrade one ring of each type up to a B-class ring.  (Or choose three types, and upgrade those rings to a-class.)

Remember to switch rings around often, to let each character learn each Energi type!

When you're ready, go to the Inn. The party makes plans to search for Tessarosa's ship in the morning, but now it's off to bed.


Early the next morning, Wied asks Ash to meet him in front of the Inn. Wied confronts Ash about his feelings for Shion. Ash admits that he has feelings for Shion, but he's not ready to pursue anything with her. Wied also has feelings for Shion, and so he challenges Ash to a duel!

You will have to fight Wied, but it's not a hard fight at all. One Flare Bomb will probably do it.

After the battle Wied agrees not to pursue Shion.

After everyone wakes up, you set out to find Tessarosa's ship.

To the Harbor

Head south to the harbor, and Ash spots Tessarosa's ship off in the distance. But before you can get on board, Victor shows up.

Boss Battle


This may be the first Boss battle that lasts longer than just a few rounds.

Despite being somewhat stronger than previous bosses, Victor sometimes use Dark Curtain, which renders all your Energi attacks useless. If this happens, use Erase to dispel all his enhancements; otherwise, just use physical attacks until it wears off.

When he's not using Dark Curtain, I recommend the usual: Flare Bomb, Light Weapon, Mega Shadow and Titan Kick.

After the Battle

After the battle, Victor leaves and you get on the ship. There's a brief scene on the ship where Shion and Enah both vie for Ash's affection, and then you arrive at Kashinew. Once there, you have control of the ship, and can use it to sail anywhere you want.