Town of Fohlen

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Town of Fohlen
Map of the Town of Fohlen

To get to the Town of Fohlen, you need to go south from the Boreal Tower, and through the Northern Checkpoint (which is currently unmanned.)

Finding a Ship

Back in Nolthia, they mentioned that Fohlen had just recently reopened its port. Now you need to check around with the locals and verify that they are open for business. One of the sailors on the docks will let you charter a ship and take you to your next location.

Art Collector

East of the house that's next to the Weapons Shop, there's a man who tells you he's a collector of fine art work, and if you should ever happen to have any paintings in your possession, he'd be glad to appraise them for you. This is the guy you'll come see when you get Quest 34.