Town of Heim

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Town of Heim
Map of the Town of Heim

To get to the Town of Heim, go southwest from the Cave of Lahnt until you reach the coast.  Then follow the coastline to the south.

Free from Pursuit

For now, it appears that the party has managed to outrun the Rosenkreutz. However, they still need to get a ship in order to join up with the resistance. Fortunately, Heim is a port town. But, unfortunately, none of the ships are going anywhere at the moment...


All the ships in the harbor belong to Tessarosa, and no one will sail without his say so. If you can find him in town, you may be able to get his permission to use a ship.

Tessarosa is in the Inn, but you won't be able to talk to him until you've spoken with the Sailor at the harbor and unlocked Quest 04. When he finds out your intentions to join the resistance, he agrees to take you to their headquarters himself. But before you can set sail, he needs you to get a Ship Component out of his warehouse just east of town.

The Ship Component

Technically speaking, Tessarosa's warehouse is a separate location, but you're only going there to get the Ship Component, so I'm including it here.

Leave Heim and travel east (check the World Map to see exactly where to go.) Go through the desert, across the bridge, then north across the prairie until you see kind of a stone-looking building. Search the square wooden crate (the only one you can search) for the Ship Component.

Now go back to Heim and talk to Tessarosa at the southern edge of the harbor.

Mullein Salesman

Inside the Weapons Shop, there's a guy who grows an herb called Mullein. He tells you he's having a hard time selling it, though, because it's not very well known. You can't do anything with this information right now, but you'll want to remember it for a Quest you get later in the game.

Before You Leave

Be sure to trade cards with the guy next to the Weapons Shop to continue Quest 02.



Sailing to Celoop

While sailing to the next location, Ash asks Shion to fill them in on the Rosenkreutz. She tells him they're a special military unit within the Schwarzschild Army whose mission is to suppress any threat to the Empire. The Rosenkreutz are currently being led by Maxim, Lord Rosenkreutz's son (who coincidentally used to be engaged to Vanessa, the leader of the resistance.) After hearing this, Ash decides he's going to join the resistance as well.

Shion and Wied leave to get some rest, and Karim and Eclair speculate that Shion must be from an aristocratic family. And then, there's a Boss battle.

Boss Battle

Oracle Gel

For this battle you only have Ash, Karim, and Eclair in your party. Have Ash and Eclair use physical attacks, and use Karim's Crush skill. (Earth energi is strong against Water types.) After the battle, the game cuts to the harbor in Celoop.