Town of Kashinew

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Town of Kashinew
Map of the Town of Kashinew

When you arrive here, soldiers ask to see your Passport. Shion shows them the passport you got from Tessarosa, and they let you through. Wied suggests you talk to the people in town to try and find out where Vanessa's research lab is.

The Energi Lab

The first person you talk to tells you that everyone in this town is part of the resistance - but she personally doesn't know where to find Vanessa's Energi Lab. Talk to everyone else in town to gather more information.

Once you've talked to the right people, Ash will say something like, "It looks like we have enough information now.  Is everyone good to do?"

At this point, you can leave Kashinew through the entrance to the northeast of town.

Note: If you have not talked to the right people in town, when you try to leave Ash will just say you need to gather more information. If this happens, go back and keep talking to the townspeople until you get the right one.


As you prepare to leave town, two simulacrums appear and demand that you turn over Enah. As they approach, something happens to Ash's body, and he feels a new, strong power welling up within him.

Apparently, Ash's energi is reacting to the negative energi of 1024. 1024 deduces that this means Ash possesses greater energi than Enah. One of the 1024 twins leaves right away to inform Maxim, and the other one decides to fight you, to try and get Ash and Enah to go with them.

Boss Battle


This is another easy battle. Just use everyone's strongest Energi skills and you should win in just a couple rounds.

After you win this battle, you can now control Tessarosa's ship! (Which is located just south of town.)