Town of Linbaught

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Town of Linbaught
Map of the Town of Linbaught

To get to Linbaught, take Tessarosa's ship and sail east along the coastline and look for the mountain range just past the desert. Linbaught is in a small wooded area just past the mountains.

The Old Man

Somewhere in Linbaught, there's an old man who knows where to find the Espers. To find him, enter the house in the south of town. You have to go through a maze of crates and barrels to find stairs down to an underground passage.

If you follow the underground passage to the west, you'll come up on the west side of town where you can get a treasure. Then take the passage to the east, which puts you behind a house on the east side. Follow that path around to the south, and you'll find the old man.

Once you find him, Shion tells him you want to bind the Esper's power to her ring to eliminate the corrupt energi.

The old man tells you the Espers are charged with protecting the world - and if the balance of energi is corrupted, it's up to the Espers to pass judgment upon the world, and to destroy it!

However, if you can find the Espers in time, you may be able to stop the destruction.  To help you find them, the old man gives you a Zeus Rod, which will show you the way to each of the Esper shrines (and which also just happens to be Shion's Ultimate Weapon!)

The first shrine you need to visit is the Water Shrine, but first, it's off to Vanessa's Lab to check on her "secret" project.

Back to Vanessa's Lab

After you talk to the old man about the Espers, go back to Vanessa's Lab (NOT the Energi Lab). Vanessa has finally finished her top secret project: an airship!

She wants you to use the airship to seek out the Espers, and bind their power to the Astral Ring.

Now you're ready to seek out the Water Esper.

Side Quests

This would be a good time to finish up some of the side Quests you've picked up along the way. Of course, you can also just continue with the story, and finish the side Quests later.

Side Note

Linbaught is the last town you come to, so the weapons and armor here are the strongest ones you can buy (but not the strongest ones in the game, hint, hint.‚Äč)