Town of Nolthia

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Town of Nolthia
Map of the Town of Nolthia

To reach the Town of Nolthia, go north from the Sea Cave of Andago. Nolthia is nestled in among a mountain range on the northern tip of the continent.


As soon as you enter the town, a man approaches and asks if you're travelers from Fohlen. But then he corrects himself, saying if you'd come from Fohlen you would have had to enter town from the north. You're not going to Fohlen just yet, but you will be there soon enough.

For now, explore Nolthia. One of the townspeople mentions that the Schwarzschild Army has been seen more and more lately.

The Free(?) Inn

Inside the Inn, there's a guy who tells you that you can stay in the shack behind the Inn for free. If you go out the back of the Inn, his friend will ask if you want to stay the night. Tell him yes for a wee bit of humor, and a Quest that you can't unlock otherwise.

Also inside the Inn, there's a Researcher from Vanessa's Lab. Get the Energi Element in town, and then talk to him to upgrade two of your Energi Rings to B class (it doesn't really matter which two you choose). From this point forward there will be a Researcher in almost every town who can either Infuse or Upgrade any Energi Rings.

Before You Leave

Make sure to check the gear at the Weapons Shop. You should be able to afford at least a few upgrades.

Remeber to exit town to the north to reach your next destination!