Vanessa’s Lab

Written by MSG Commander

Map of Vanessa's Lab
Map of Vanessa's Lab

To reach Vanessa's Lab, go north until you reach the mountains, then travel along the western edge until you reach an opening in the mountain range. Go through the opening and head south to reach the Lab.

Once you're inside, Tessarosa tells you that the resistance does a lot of research here, and that you need to go see Vanessa in her office.

1417 on the Loose

When you meet Vanessa, Tessarosa introduces her as the new leader of the resistance. Vanessa asks if this means that "he" is dead, and Tessarosa says he thinks "he" is. (You never do find out for sure who "he" is - but I suspect their talking about Ash's father.)

As you're talking, there's an explosion in the lab, and you find out that one of their test subjects has escaped! Vanessa complains about her scientist's inability to handle the issue, so Ash offers a deal: they bring back 1417, and Vanessa helps to protect them from Maxim.

Vanessa accepts the offer, and she tells you that 1417 looks like a young girl. She also mentions that the area is full of Schwarzschild's new bioweapons - savage mutated beasts that are far more powerful than regular monsters.

Talk to all the Researchers after meeting with Vanessa. One of them mentions that Celoop is the only town on this continent, and is a good place to start looking for 1417.

Back to Celoop

Return to Celoop and head to the harbor to find 1417. As you begin talking to her, a beast appears out of nowhere!

Boss Battle

Monster Raven

Fire Bomb seems to be effective against Monster Raven, but it may be even better to use Charge on Karim to boost his Attack. Water skills also work well if Shion is in your party. (You can also use her Shield spell if you want, but it may not be necessary.)

After the battle, Enah gives you an Energi Stone that the Monster Raven dropped when you defeated it. Then you find out that 1417 ran away from the lab because she wants to see the outside world. She agrees to return with you, only if you can convince Vanessa to let her leave the lab. Another beast appears, but this time a mysterious man shows up and kills the beast with one blow.


The mysterious man who kills the second beast is Victor, a loyal member of the Schwarzschild Empire who's come looking for Shion. In the course of talking with Victor, Ash learns that Shion is indeed the Crown Princess of Schwarzschild. Victor tries to get Shion to return to the castle, and tells Shion if she doesn't come with him, he'll be forced to hunt her down as a traitor to the Empire. As soon as Victor leaves, 1417 joins your party, and you can return to Vanessa's Lab.

(But before you do, this is a good time to show the Energi Stone to the boy in Quest 06, since he's right there in Celoop.)

Back at the Lab

Back at the lab, Vanessa is still hesitant to help Shion, until Shion offers her ring to Vanessa to use in her research - a ring of concentrated pure energi. Ash also gives Vanessa the Energi Stone that the Monster Raven dropped.

Ash asks Vanessa to let 1417 leave the lab and explore the outside world. Vanessa agrees to allow 1417 to travel with your party so she can gain more real world experience. Eclair suggests that you give 1417 a nickname, and Shion decides to call her "Enah."


Everyone goes to get some rest, and Ash struggles with the knowledge that Shion is the Crown Princess. Shion reveals that she didn't tell anyone she was the Princess because her father is responsible for attacking towns like Heiland, and she didn't want people to associate her with the royal family. You also learn that the ring she gave Vanessa has been in Shion's family for ages, and is in fact an ancient Energi Stone, said to be as the old as the world itself.

The Next Morning

Go back to Vanessa's office. She asks you to do a job for her in the northern continent, looking for another Energi Stone. To get there you need to go through a cave northeast of the lab.

Vanessa also gives you six Clear Rings, which can be infused with energi to allow each party member to learn energi skills from all six energi types.

Before You Leave

Make sure to infuse all six Rings, and equip each character with a Ring different from their energi type!

Since these Rings can only be upgraded to level 10, you'll have to sort of keep an eye on everyone's progress, and swap Rings around quite a bit to keep everyone learning new skills.

Also, consider putting Enah in your main party (so that she can participate in battles) - She'll be an important player in the later parts of the game.