Water Shrine

Written by MSG Commander

Map of the Water Shrine
Map of the Water Shrine

The Water Shrine is on a small island north of Aureole and the Neige Tunnel. (Look for a stone fort surrounded by mountains.)

When you enter the shrine, take the stairs to the west to get to the treasure.  Then come back to the entrance, and take the stairs to the east and follow the path to the Water Esper.

It seems the Water Esper has been expecting you - particularly, Shion - for quite some time. It turns out, the Astral Ring signifies that Shion is a "chosen vessel," but for what, we don't know (yet).

The Water Esper knows you're looking for a way to stop the corrupt energi. In order to bind her energi, she challenges you to a battle.

Boss Battle

Water Esper

Since Earth is strong against Water, use whatever Earth skills you have (plus Enah's nasty Dark skills.)

After the battle, the Water Esper binds her power to the ring, and Shion determines your next destination: the Wind Shrine.

Side Note

Be sure to replenish your EP between shrines, either with Items or by staying at an Inn somewhere!