Quest List

Written by MSG Commander

To make it easier to find the side quests, I've removed all (Story) quests from this list.

02 Trading Cards

Client: Young boy in Heiland

Talk to the young boy north of the Item Shop. He asks you to trade cards in each town until you get a Rosenkreutz card.

Reward: Card Doubles Set x 10 (sells for 50,000 Gold)

  • Start in Heiland, with the boy north of the Item Shop. He gives you the Slime Card.
  • Talk to the townsperson in Heim just west of the Weapons Shop. He trades you a Centaur Card.
  • Trade with the young girl in Celoop on the west side of town just above the harbor. She gives you a Skull Knight Card.
  • Talk to the old man in Nolthia next to the Weapons Shop. He trades you for a Wyvern Card.
  • Trade with the soldier on the pier in the northwest corner of Fohlen for the Rosenkreutz Card.

03 Lost Seed Bag

Client: Girl in Heiland

Talk to the girl in front of the Inn. She asks you to retrieve her lost Seed Bag. (Hint: The Slimes around Heiland occasionally drop Seed Bags.)

Reward: 1,000 gold

06 A Boy's Wish

Client: Young boy in Celoop

Talk to the young boy in the western home above the harbor. He asks you to show him an Energi Stone the next time you happen to have one on hand.

(Note: You need to do this Quest before you hand all the Energi Stones over to Vanessa, or it will be too late. The best time to do it is right after you find 1417.)

Reward: Ruby

07 Young Love

Client: Young girl in Celoop

Talk to the young girl in the eastern home above the harbor. Bring her a Heliotrope flower so she can make a love potion!

(Heliotrope is a rare drop from Pixies, which can be found around Vanessa's Lab.)

Reward: Heal Drop, Energi Drop

10 Monster in the Moonless Night

Client: Woman in Vanessa's Lab

After talking with Vanessa, look for a woman in a red dress on the main floor of the lab. Bring her three Garlic Stalks so she can get rid of her nightmares.

(Garlic Stalks are sometimes dropped by Earth-based monsters... your best bet is the Puppets right around the Lab, but be prepared to spend a good half hour or longer trying to get three of them.)

Reward: Agility Seed, 4,000 gold

11 Echoing Rust

Client: Researcher in Vanessa's Lab

Talk to one of the Researchers in the main room of the lab. He asks you to find some Echoing Rust in the Sea Cave of Andago and bring it to him.

Reward: Hi-Elixir

13 Deception

Stay at the "free" shack in Nolthia. In the middle of the night you get your money stolen, and now you need to get it back!

Reward: You get your stolen 100 gold back.

  • To complete this Quest, you need to track down the guy who stole your money.
  • After you get robbed, a woman out front of the Inn says she saw some strange men around town. When she learns you were robbed in your sleep, she calls for the police! Then she remembers that there are no police in Nolthia...
  • She also mentions that the pair are probably still somewhere in town, and if you look around you should be able to find them.
  • If you go to the southwest corner of town, you'll be able to see one of them in a passage that you can't seem to get to. You can reach him by going through the Item Shop to a set of stairs that lead to an underground passage.
  • When you catch up with the Thief, the reward for completing the Quest is that you get your 100 gold back. Not much of a reward, and I don't know if you need to do this Quest or not, but it's kind of amusing

14 The Unknown Taste of Fish

Client: Old man in Nolthia

Bring the old man a fish so he can taste it before he dies. (Raw Fish are occasionally dropped by Killer Crocodiles, which are in the area west of Nolthia.)

Reward: 1,000 gold

18 Careless Blunder

Client: Man in Fohlen

Talk to the man on the second floor of the Inn, and help him find his letter. (Search the barrels in the warehouse by the docks.)

Reward: 3,000 gold

19 Seductive Sweets

Client: Eclair

Talk to the girl in front of the fountain to find out the Item Shop is selling specialty lollipops.

Eclair wants a "deluxe" lollipop from the second floor of the Item Shop, but unfortunately by the time you get there, they're sold out.

No Reward

22 Golden Plumes

Client: Old woman in Centaurius

Talk to the old woman in the home in the southwest of Centaurius. She asks you to find 9 Phoenix Plumes and bring them to her.


  1. 3,000 Gold
  2. Heal Elixir
  3. Energi Elixir
  4. Energi Elixir
  5. Energi Elixir
  6. Energi Elixir
  7. Energi Elixir
  8. Energi Elixir
  9. 20,000 Gold and King Mail
Phoenix Plume Locations
  • Fourth Floor of Neige Tunnel.
  • In the home in Aureole where you get Quest 32.
  • Next to the Item Shop in Kashinew.
  • Reward for completing Quest 36.
  • Among the trees in the southwest corner of Schwarz Fortress East.
  • In the basement level of the Secret Passage at Schwarzschild Castle.
  • On the sixth floor of the Omega Tower.
  • On the second floor of the Astral Tower (after you get the red doors open.)
  • On sub-level two of Maxim's Castle.

23 Thirst for Knowledge

Client: Old man in Centaurius

Follow the underground passage in the home in the southeast of Centaurius, and answer the old man's questions about Alphadia.

Reward: Strength Seed, Vitality Seed, Mind Seed, Agility Seed

Correct Answers
  1. How many years has it been since the Energi War came to an end? 100 years
  2. What was Ash and Karim's job before this journey of theirs began? Sentinel
  3. Who gave Ash's party a ride on his ship and took them to meet Vanessa? Tessarosa
  4. Which character can equip a shortsword? Ash
  5. What color is Eclair's hair? Red
  6. Which item restores 500 HP? Heal Herb
  7. How much can you sell an emerald for? 1500 gold
  8. Where is the town of Nolthia located from here? Northeast
  9. Who is the leader of the resistance? Vanessa
  10. Who is Shion really? A princess

31 Fabled Lapis

Client: Old man in Aureole

Talk to the old man in one of the homes on the harbor in Aureole. He asks you to find a Lifestone. (It's rumored to be somewhere in the ocean.)

Reward: 50,000 gold


The Lifestone is located in the Sealed Brand Cave, which is on a very small island just north of Heim.

32 Light to Darkened Eyes

Client: Woman in Aureole

Talk to the woman in the house in the southeast of Aureole. She asks you to get some Mullein from Heim to cure her daughter's blindness.

Reward: Agility Seed

34 Between Ocean and Sky

Client: Adolescent in Kashinew

Talk to the guy on the second floor of the Inn. He asks you to protect his Brush Set, and find a buyer for his painting.

Reward: 10,000 gold


Remember the Art Collector in Fohlen? Take him the painting, and trade it for a Money Bag. Then take the Money Bag back to the painter.

35 Stolen Gemstones

Client: Old man in Kashinew

Talk to the Old man behind the Weapons Shop. Someone stole a bag of gems from him! Find the thieves and return the gems.

(Look for the two soldiers down on the harbor.)

Reward: Diamond

36 Even Sisters Don't Connect

Client: Girl in Heiland

Talk to the two girls in the home just east of the Item Shop in Heiland. The older sister asks you to take her younger sister outside to play hide-and-seek.

Reward: Phoenix Plume


The younger sister is hiding in the Inn.

37 First Errand

Client: Old woman in Fohlen

To unlock this Quest, you need to talk to the young girl in the home next to Weapons Shop. She mentions that she's old enough to run errands by herself, and Enah asks Ash what an errand is. Next, go to the Item Shop and talk to the old woman standing out front. She asks you to talk to the person in the Item Shop standing in front of a barrel.

Reward: 1,000 gold

42 Non-Indigenous Flowers

Client: Townsgirl in Linbaught

Talk to the girl in Linbaught standing next to the flower beds. She asks you to bring her North Pole, Daisy, and Yucca flowers.

Reward: 1,000 gold (x2), Diamond

  • North Pole - search the flower bed at the end of the underground passage in Nolthia.
  • Daisy - search the flower bed in Eclair's room in Heiland.
  • Yucca - talk to the Wealthy Woman in the basement of the Item Shop in Centaurius. (When she asks if you like flowers, make sure you say "Yes.")

43 A Demanding Letter

Client: Townsgirl in Linbaught

Talk to the girl on the second floor of the Inn in Linbaught, and deliver her letter to her boyfriend in Nolthia. (He's in the Inn.)

Reward: Poison Care

46 Locked Chests

Client: Item Shop in Heim

Talk to the guy in the Item Shop, and he tells you he bought three chests but now he can't get them open. If you can find a key, he'll let you take the treasure in one of the chests.



Go to Centaurius, and look for an old woman in the southeast part of town (south of the pier, and the home that appears to be unoccupied.) She tells you she sold some locked chests the other day to a man in Heim, and forget to give him the key to unlock them. She asks you to deliver the key, and explain the situation to him.

Once you have the Heim Chest Key, go back and talk to the guy in the Item Shop in Heim.

54 To Cooler Places

Client: Townsgirl in Linbaught

Talk to the girl near the entrance of Linbaught after you get the airship. She asks you to take her to Nolthia to get her away from a creepy stalker.

(Note: You'll have to fight her stalker before you can take her to Nolthia, but he's just a regular soldier so it's no big deal.)

After the fight, fly to Nolthia and enter the town, and she'll thank you and give you your reward.

Reward: 20,000 gold

59 Legendary Weapons - Part 1

Client: Researcher in Vanessa's Lab

Talk to the Researcher in the basement of Vanessa's Lab for each of the Legendary Weapons Quests. (But first, you have to have spoken with Tessarosa after Vanessa tells you about the Omega Tower.)

Find the Legendary Weapon that corresponds to the Leo Gemstone!

60 Legendary Weapons - Part 2

Client: Researcher in Vanessa's Lab

Find the Legendary Weapon that corresponds to the Aries Gemstone!

61 Legendary Weapons - Part 3

Client: Researcher in Vanessa's Lab

Find the Legendary Weapon that corresponds to the Centaurus Gemstone!

62 Legendary Weapons - Part 4

Client: Researcher in Vanessa's Lab

Find the Legendary Weapon that corresponds to the Capricornus Gemstone!

63Legendary Weapons - Part 5

Client: Researcher in Vanessa's Lab

Find the Legendary Weapon that corresponds to the Aquarius Gemstone!

Reward: 10,000 gold

68 The Ultimate Title

Client: ???

From the game:

"Only those who have gathered all the legendary weapons are permitted to fight in the ultimate battle in the skies above the island southeast of Nolthia."

Reward: Apocalypse Mark (proof indicating attainment of the highest title.)