Archlion Saga

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Mastertrek says:
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2-4 Hours of speedrun.

Once upon a time I started playing the game called Archlion Saga. Knowing that it’s a short game I didn’t have any high expectations from it. And that’s why I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The game starts like many other games. One person is meant to become a hero and save the world from the known evil. So we go through small maps automatically grinding, visit new areas (you can’t go back to any visited place until NG+) beat more monsters and eventually bosses. So the battles aren’t important here. The Hero [and the three other people who join him to support(which turns out to be as good as the Hero]) learn some skills which are important to use because the final areas can be tough.

The story is good. That’s all there is to tell about it.

If you don’t expect the game to be complex then it’s the game for you. It’s definitely worth it to play it once. Just once.

  • Good Short Story
  • It's a short game
  • Balanced difficulty
  • NG+
  • No way to go back to previous areas
  • No replayability (NG+ is only to speedrun the game again)
  • Controls aren't great (but it's not a huge problem at all)

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